Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unfinished Business

I'm embarrassed to say that I have a lot of unfinished business here at home. Way back on March 25th I wrote my post "Who's Afraid of Color?" where I stated I finally decided on the color for my dining room. Reflecting Pool by Sherwin Williams, it's bright and sassy, just what I like. Or is it? One of the many things I do for my day job is follow and stay informed on interior trends. Just as the doubt started to roll in on my Reflecting Pool, I was only seeing neutrals and very understated colors in many of the magazines and online resources I monitor. Maybe this is the route I should be taking? (Is this the same person who painted her dining room Habanero Pepper a few years ago?) I started to second guess my love of color. I started to even second guess my eye for color. "Heck, I'm a professional here" I told myself! So I dragged the big box of paint swatches back home and started pulling neutrals and boring understated colors. This little exercise in self doubt and self checking (kind of like Algebra, but a lot more fun) convinced me yet again that I love color, and I don't love neutrals for the major living areas in my home. I'm happy to say that on April 9th I took the plunge and bought Reflecting Pool! Now all I have to do is schedule the repair of my sagging ceiling, then prime the ceiling and the walls. My inner voice keeps yelling "tick-tock lady"!

The next unfinished business on my plate are my Pysanky. Happily, I have created two more eggs since my last post, and even before Easter! Amazing! There is one more that I really want to create and then I think I can put the materials away for a while. I found a design that I really want to try, and I want to give it to my sister, because it reminds me of her. Hopefully I can accomplish that it the next day or two. Lately I just never can tell how time will be used, enjoyed and/or just plain vanish away.

So here's to the weekend that will be here at 6 P.M. tomorrow evening, to family and fun, and to all those unfinished projects that keep our inner voices alive and well. Deep down we know those projects will be accomplished only to have new ones take their places.

What unfinished business do you have around the house?

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