Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Color and Architecture

My recent business trip to Europe continues to inspire me. One thing that struck me is that the Europeans are not afraid of color on their buildings or doors.
This is in Altstadt, or Old Town, in Dusseldorf, Germany. Isn't this Pantone's declared "color of the year"?

Look at that amazing door!
On the train ride from Germany into France there were many homes in small towns that were pink. It was so great to see and so cheerful, especially since it was overcast much of the time I was there.

In Paris the doors were also full of detail and in great colors!
The doors are so tall that it's difficult to get close and capture the entire thing.

It just keeps going and going, up! Look at that deep, rich color!
And here is a optimistically painted sweet shop, also in Paris.
I love the touches of pink along with the golden yellow.
For me, these pictures show how important color can be. Each of these were taken on overcast and very cold days, and the color seems to invite you and warms you, in what would otherwise be a very drab and dreary day.


  1. Lovely photos of those colorful doors! New England can be dreary too... Good doses of Color really gets us through our long gray winters too!

    1. I'm glad you like them. I just adore color. Even living in central Texas, where it's mostly sunny, doesn't stop me from having bright colors on my walls!

  2. We could learn a thing or two on the color! Even the embellishments on concrete buildings. I love the flourishes, mouldings, panelings, are all wonderful and easy on the eyes. And the colors don't suffer on sunny days, they're that much happier and brighter! We NEED color!