Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Menus (March 23 - March 29)

First an update on how we did last week. Fava Beans are mocking me. I have tried two weeks in a row now to purchase the illusive legumes. No dice! The first time I thought that I might find them at my supermarket since they purchase produce from Texas farmers when they can. Nope. Last week I drove to the Boggy Creek Farm in East Austin. Nada. Well, they were sold out for the day but the pesky things were laughing at me in the safety of their plant.
Stock growing on the outside garden row.

I love this place. I always feel inspired for what might be possible in my own backyard.

Looking out to the garden rows.

Strawberries! And to the left are some Fava bean bushes.
It's a beautiful farm, so it wasn't a fully wasted trip when I couldn't buy the Fava beans, cabbage, carrots, etc. I did buy a celeriac, or celery root. I have yet to use it tough. I've heard it's good in a salad.

On to this week's menu:
Saturday - Pork Chops for the boys along with Thai Noodle Salad as a side for them and a main dish for me. Our left overs lasted a bit longer than expected, so this is a carry over from last week.
Sunday - Left overs (woohoo!)
Monday - BBQ Chicken sandwiches for Hubby, Greek Salad as a side for him and as a main dish for me and my son. The chicken for this dish is left over shredded chicken that I cooked in the crock pot a few weeks ago and frozen the rest for later.
Tuesday - Left overs!
Wednesday - Alfredo pasta with chicken for the boys, little vegan pizzas for me, and salad for all. The chicken going into the Alfredo is left over shredded roasted chicken from another meal weeks ago that I froze.
Thursday - Left overs!
Friday - Creole Chicken and Rice for my Hubby, left overs and salad for me and my son if he doesn't like the Creole dish.

I don't think I'll make it to a Farmer's Market this time. I'm a bit discouraged because the one in my neighborhood doesn't start until next month, and I just don't feel like driving to downtown Austin. On the bright side, this will be a budget friendly shopping day since the only meat I need to buy is the sausage that goes into the Creole Chicken and Rice dish.


  1. SIGH.... So pretty. Amazing how far behind we are from you in growing seasons.

    Thanks for the menu!

  2. Oh beautiful photos! I'm popping over from Taso's blog to say hello and let you know that I've linked to your blog this week from my Tasty Tuesday recipe share. Taso entered her Street Tacos recipe on my hop last week and they look so yummy! I'm your newest follower.. come on by and say howdy!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, following, and for giving my little blog a plug! It's always nice to meet new people! I'm a city girl unlike my sister and you, but looks like we've got creativity in common! Love it!