Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekly Menus (March 9th - March 15th)

I know it's a pain, but writing the menu for the week keeps me sane. Everyone is busy and with the time and effort used to plan and prepare, this family makes it through most weeks without an emergency I'm-too-tired-to-cook restaurant trip. That helps our budget and keeps us eating healthy!

Since this is such an tough task for me to tackle every Saturday, I thought I'd start sharing my weekly menu plans on this page. Maybe I'll be helping another menu writer to get out of their block, and maybe someone will inspire me when I have menu writer's block.

This week starts another tricky part for me in my planning. It's the start of Great Lent for Orthodox Christians and the diet is basically vegan. This week gets us prepared by eliminating meat first. The following week we then eliminate dairy. I'm the only one in my family that observes this tradition so I need to be creative and plan meals that include something for me to eat that is also a side dish for the rest of the family. So here we go....

Week of March 9th -March 15th:
Saturday - hamburgers with homemade mac n cheese (I'll be trying this recipe found on Pinterest)
Sunday - planned "eat out" day (last day to eat meat, we'll be trying the Noble Pig, woohoo!)
Monday - BBQ grilled chicken and cheese tortellini pasta salad (I'll be experimenting with the salad)
Tuesday - left overs
Wednesday - Chili (I'll also be making a vegetarian chili found on Pinterest)
Thursday - left overs
Friday - Flautas (I'll make some with chicken and some without)

Happy planning everyone!


  1. Did I give you the flauta idea? Because those were oh so good, not to mention really easy. Thanks for sharing the menu, it has helped already!!!

    1. Yes and no. You reminded me of the flautas, and I'll be following what you did, but I also have a pin on one of my boards where a lady made flautas with sweet potato and all the other things you mentioned. So I guess flautas were in the air! LOL! I'll be cooking some chicken in the crock pot with salsa for the chicken flautas. Easy as can be!

      I'm glad the menu helped out!