Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Menus (March 16th to March 22nd)

So now the real work begins. Great Lent starts for Orthodox Christians on Monday, March 18th. This means no meat or dairy. This also means I'm still coming up with meals with meat for my husband and son who do not observe the fast.  I always try to come up with dishes that I can eat as lunches and dinner, as well as a possible side dish to the boys' meals. So here's my menu for the coming week.

Saturday - quesadillas, the boys will have it with chicken, I'll have it with black beans, onions, and bell pepper. These are left over ingredients from the flautas we had today (Friday).
Sunday - Roasted chicken and veggies (cabbage, carrots, and onions); I'll have the veggies and salad
Monday - left overs
Tuesday - Stew for the boys
Wednesday - left overs
Thursday - Pork Chops and Thai Noodle Salad (might add edamame for more protein for me)
Friday - left overs (I adore left overs if you couldn't tell! Less cooking!)

I always take my lunch to work so I'll have the following:
-vegetarian chili that I made earlier this week and froze some of the servings
- Chimichurri avocado on toast
-Fava bean salad

The other thing that will make this more challenging is that I want to start buying most of my produce from the farmers markets and eating in season. Wow! Let's see how I do!

Update on how we did with last week's menu:
We had guests come stay with us so the chili didn't give us left overs. We ended up buying a pizza for the day we were supposed to have left overs. This reminds me that I should always have an easy backup ready. Not sure what that will be, but I will need to work it into my pantry soon! We're trying to stay on a tight budget and these types of mistakes do not help!

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  1. Always room for improvement isn't there? A worthy goal, and always a challenge. Thanks for sharing, it gets the 'juices' going!