Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Ever Watchful Eye

Ever since my phone was upgraded to the iPhone 4 my photography has been reinvigorated. I have so much fun actually seeing my surroundings. It's amazing what can be seen if you just tune into your surroundings. As an example of what I mean, I had to go to Massachusetts on business last week and this is what I saw:
Door to the Tunnel Bar in Northampton, MA.

Light fixture outside of Tunnel Bar.

These Vodka bottles were right above my head in a restaurant. The bar backed up to where my booth was and they had glass seperating the booth from the bar. Most importantly though, the color and glow these bottom-lit bottles provided was just too intoxicating to ignore!

Ice or diamonds? Yes, Mass. still had a tiny bit of snow left on the ground when I was there, but the contrast and sparkle of this view made me stop and photograph it.

This was a wonderful find! There were trees that had these amazing red berries, almost like cherries, all over them! Talk about your winter color! No one could tell me the name of these trees, so if someone out there knows please leave a comment. They look very similar to the China Berry trees we have here in Texas, but these are red instead of golden.

When it comes to business trips, having such easy access to a decent camera, allows me to see and capture things I may never have had an opportunity to see. And for that, I am thankful and will continue to have an ever watchful eye.


  1. Choke Cherry? Love all those incredible colors! WOW!

  2. Someone said hackberry, but they were not positive. Next time I have a chance I'll look them both up.