Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

Lately I have been chomping at the bit to create more Pysanky. Why? Because it would appear that I actually enjoy putting too many things on my plate and pretending that it really doesn't stress me out. With that little confession behind me....I've had the kit for at least three weeks now but still needed to buy the wide mouth jars for all the dye. I finally got those today and was dreaming all day about spending a quiet evening (cute 5 year old son in bed) creating. I even talked to my sister about it, and she rubbed it in that she's already got half a dozen complete. Amazing when you consider her schedule! So, with son in bed, I start reading the directions for the dye, "...mix powder with 1 1/4 cup boiling water, etc, etc. Let dye come to room temperature before using." WHAT?!! Even the eggs are supposed to be at room temperature before using them. Tomorrow is another day, and there's nothing left to do but leave you with pretty colors in wide mouth jars......


  1. Oooops, I forgot to mention that! And that's practically the same reaction I had, whilst chomping at the bit too!

  2. If it helps, you are much further than me. I did let my daughter pick out the "kit." Girls and their glitter.