Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Creative Home

This little blog of mine has several reasons for being. Some are clearly defined, like sharing some of my photography, and fun things I encounter on business trips or around town. Others are not defined. It's kind of an ambiguous thing to just start writing for all the world to possibly see, but it does satisfy and stir up, all at the same time, my creative energy. It's really all included in my blog title, "See (the world, people, and things in a different way): Create (photography, art, interior design, from all the inspiration out there): Be Happy (because that urge to express yourself and hopefully add to the vast collection of inspiration has been satisfied)".

I had to write this post tonight, because I have realized once again that I have a very creative family. Tonight I was honored to finish reading my husband's second novel! I adore the story he told. He has a gift for creating a picture for the reader, and unfolding layers of events and personalities that leave you wanting more. It's a wonderful and amazing book.

The first novel was also very good, but this second book, this is the one that will be published. About fourteen years ago my husband was submitting his first novel to writer's contests and literary agents with the ultimate goal of being published. At the time, he had about seven chapters written on his second novel. I remember telling him then that I thought the second one was more publishable. He got so close to finally getting a literary agent who was interested in his first book, and then the ultimate in Murphy's Law happened......the man dies. My husband didn't write for at least twelve years after that happened. I kept trying to encourage him to finish his second book. I wanted to see him write again. He used to tell me that he was writing, it just wasn't his book.

Not only does he write books, he also plays guitar, writes songs, and starts a band! I'll leave that for another blog post some day. To wrap up, I live in a creative home! Even our son is showing signs...
Picture my son took of the cars he just washed with his new car wash toy. I love the perspective!

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  1. The ultimate in Murphy's Law, how hilarious! Not for the man of course, you know what I mean! LOL! Yay, publish baby publish!