Friday, May 27, 2011

Color the World - or Just One Room for Now

I know I've mentioned before that I love color. And no, no progress yet on priming my dining room. It's not quite Memorial Day yet! I also love consulting people on color choices for their homes.

Recently, I've been acting as personal designer to my friend and coworker Tammy on her home renovation projects. She'll be posting more of the details later on her blog The Lean Remodeler, but so far I've helped Tammy and her amazing husband choose flooring and paint colors for most of their house. Did I mention her husband was amazing? Good, because he is. No renovation can be completed without someone who is willing to jump in and do the work. Um...yeah, that's right, just like my dining room. Those walls aren't going to paint themselves!

Sean installed all of the new flooring himself. He has done all of the painting himself, although Tammy helped by painting the baseboards. He even painted the ceiling of one of the hallways as I suggested which most people would have second guessed me and opted not to do, and it looks great!!

Now it's time for some more fun. Their spare bedroom is their daughter's playroom and it needs to be painted. Their daughter wants pink or purple (her bedroom is already pink) but Tammy would like to see something a little more flexible and able to span a few years without her daughter burning out on those stereotypical girl colors. I wanted to have some fun with the color choices because it is a sweet little girl's playroom after all. Tammy and I also thought it would be fun if all of you voted on the color palette.

The four color palette choices.
There are four palettes to choose from, pictured above. Each palette has three different colors with one of them assigned as the overall or base color. This is the color that will go on all of the walls first. The other two will be one stripe each on one wall to add fun color and pop to the room, also to try and give Tammy's daughter the pink or purple she wished for. Here's a quick sketch I made for Tammy and Sean to visualize what I intended:

You'll notice the two stripes will be different widths to keep it from being visually boring or predictable. The top stripe will be about chair rail height. You don't want to cut a wall right in half. That's not visually appealing.

Palette A - The blue would be the base color.

Palette B - The blue would be the base color.

Palette C - The purple would be the base color.

Palette D - The yellow would be the base color.
So join in the fun and help us color this playroom by casting your vote in a comment to this post. I can't wait to hear what you think!


  1. Palette D for sure! Because the yellow would be the base color, keeps it bright and cheery!

  2. Sterling's vote is for "A". She says it is the perfect color of blue, purple and pink. Oh, and my little artist is totally giving us additional schemes to go with - LOL! Mom is still holding out for "D". I agree with TASO - bright and cheery with the pop of color.

  3. I'd love to see her color schemes! Looks like "D" is winning out though. I got two votes for it on my Facebook page.