Monday, May 16, 2011


In order to deflect the fact that I still have not started priming my dining room, I'm posting some of my photography. (I have a new tentative date for priming to start, the 30th of May. Keep your fingers crossed for me!) The flower photos featured on this post have been taken from spring to present. All but one has been treated with a filter.

Antique rose in my neighbor's yard.
Tree in full bloom, taken in March.
The previous photo and this one are trees in the parking lot where I work. Amazing what you can find if you just open your mind and eyes to the creative possibilities that surround you.

A Buttercup in my backyard, taken in April.
A Chokeberry Tree, maybe.
I think this might be an old Knockout Rose
Not sure what kind of flower this is, maybe a rose of some sort, but I think it's lovely.
Thistle standing tall against the threatening weather.
This one feels like it should be framed in old barn wood.
I love this sunflower. It seems to be pointing my gaze upward.
 I know I shouldn't make any promises, I mean look at my poor dining room, but the next few posts should have some fun photography. I'll be traveling for work (my day job) with eyes peeled for inspiration and trends. Till then, have a great week!


  1. GASP! Those white flowers on the tree branches! My favorite. But then comes the (Buttercup?). That's an Oenothera,"Evening Primrose," which I love! And then the roses!!!!! Gorgeous subjects, composition, presentation... So pretty, and so inspirational. I mean, these would make an amazing show in a gallery! Sigh.

  2. Oh! And I forgot that amazing sunflower! Like a graceful hand lithely directing you to the divine! ***goosebumps***