Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Las Vegas and New York City

The last couple of weeks I've been traveling on business with my day job. First Las Vegas, then New York. Two interesting and inspiring cities in two totally different ways. Here are just a few of the photos from these trips.
Outside a wine bar in the Aria Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Ceiling treatment and lighting in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV. There is a new sophistication that can be found at the City Center, which is a nice change from the over the top thematic approach Vegas is know for.

Amazingly yummy bread at Eataly in New York City.

A tea and spice vendor in the park in the Flatiron area. Currently there is a food fair going on until June.

This was parked outside the cafe in Bryant Park in New York. It looked so cool and vintage that I had to snap it!

I love this photo! It's a coffee shop that my friend who lives in the Chelsea area frequents. She calls it Mr. Grumpy's. I forgot to ask the real name! :0)
I hope you enjoyed this quick little photo tour of my recent travels. I'll post more in the future, but really wanted to give you a taste of what I've been experiencing lately. Also, keep an eye out for a post in the next day or two where you will be able to vote on a color pallet for a girl's play room. Whenever color is involved, it's sure to be fun!


  1. All glorious pictures! I'm tellin' ya, a gallery show is a must in your future! I'm counting the days....
    Love the Vespa photo, everything about it! Mr. Grumpy's is delightful.
    I think I just may have to take a trip with you one of these days....

  2. You would love it! The trip that is. A gallery show? Wow! Thank you for your love and confidence in me, you never know what the future holds! I've decided to do a series of posts from my NY trip. Should be fun!