Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hiking, Photography, and a Cactus Series

Vacation has been good to me. My family and I went camping. It was blazing hot during the day, but there was water nearby which got us through the worst of it. I even had a chance to slip away early one morning to go on a hike. I love hiking, and I love to have a camera with me.

The morning was perfect! There was a slight breeze, it was still on the cool side, birds were signing, and I was out moving! I have this fantasy that life in Colorado must be exactly like this morning.

I even fantasize about being more athletic because in Colorado everyone is the "outdoorsy" type. I mean, how could you not be with hiking and mountain bike trails everywhere? Right, then I had to come back to reality and remember that people in Colorado have to work too. I wasn't even camping in Colorado, I was in Texas. I think this delusion stems from the time I was in Colorado on business and stopped at a Starbucks which was attached to an REI. It was the most beautiful REI I had ever seen. They had trails leading right to it from somewhere off the property, and a stream! Darn, reality can be cruel.

On this lovely morning hike, in Texas, I did capture some amazing shots, and a cactus series grew from it.....
Iron Cactus

Rising Sun

Western Horizon

Cactus Pop Art

B&W Cactus

Right Frame Cactus Pop Art

Pricklies and Pears


  1. These are awesome.... I love Prickly Pears! Great presentation, and I love the photo format you use!

  2. It's amazing what a vacation can conjure up. I bet the hiking was fantastic. Your photo walk is a beautiful display of art. And, that Starbucks in CO was amazing (I think we had a Pumpkin Spice latte if memory recalls - how come we don't have them in Texas? Like right here :)

  3. Thank you TASO for the kind words and unfailing support!

    Tammy - You rememebered! I think you're on to something, Pumpkin Spice lattes do add to the romanitic notions of Colorado!