Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coming Out of a Creative Block

Work has been so crazy the last three to four weeks that a big creativity block was slammed down in front of me. Well, that might not be completely true. All of my energy has been filtering my creativity into my work. It's left me exhausted at the end of the day, therefore leaving me with no personal creative time. While I love my job, and love that I am able to use both sides of my brain, I've found that I need to have a personal outlet as well.
Abstracted Hydrangea

Texas Windmill. I sketched it, photographed it, and added a cool filter.
I've done some sketching, which actually stretches my gray matter in a way that is slightly uncomfortable, but I know it's beneficial. I have not been able to spend any time on photography though, and that is one of my favorite activities. I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and to help inspire me, and hopefully you as well, here are some photos I took in New York City before PCT (personal creative time) came to a screeching halt.
The Chrysler Building snagging a passing cloud.
I love architectural detail! This is in Central Park.
This is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This space was huge, with vault after vault. Amazing!

I love the contrasts in this photo. The bright building next to the dark building. The jazzy yellow cab in the foreground and the tastefully reserved building in the background.

This feels like the 1940's and girls in flapper outfits should be bounding out the door to the club.
The red door catches the eye while the pineapple welcomes you.
I hope you've found some inspiration here. I know I have. I've got the desire to sketch a bit more, and to take more photos. There's something so satisfying about composing a great shot of something most people would just walk by.

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  1. Isn't just a relief when you get to a place like that? Makes the creative time you finally get feel extra special. I adore your windmill! That is awesome! And all the others are extremely inspiring. Love to be able to see through your eyes!