Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Colors Add to My Inspiration

Things have been BUSY! Not only have I been traveling, but that kitchen renovation I'm working on is STILL underway. Surely by now I've won the Slowest Renovation Ever award. The good news is that I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel and I just might have a 98% complete kitchen by Christmas!

Meanwhile, Fall has inspired me to play with color and new ideas.
There is something so magical about pumpkins!
Zinnia from the pumpkin patch. Love the punch of color!
The urge to create something has really taken hold. Like I really have time for additional things in my schedule! I did not resist the urge though, and decided to hand carve a stamp in order to make cards for the Fall season. I've never made a stamp before, but I think it turned out pretty cute! What do you think?

I also could not pass up the opportunity to send my sweet nephews some Fall inspired chocolate pretzels!

Since I had my heart set on Fall colors for the pretzels, the store did not have Fall colored sprinkles. That would be too easy. Unwilling to give up, I decided to chop up Candy Corn. Please learn from my mistake. It was not an ideal solution. When I tried to cut the candy they just gummed up the knife. In my brilliance I decided to freeze them, thinking they would be easier to cut. If you do this please where some safety goggles! There were rock hard Candy Corn piece shooting off the cutting board in all directions! I did manage to get most of them into usable pieces, and there you have it, Fall inspired chocolate pretzels!

Enjoy the rest of the Fall!


  1. Ah, and the story behind the candy reveals itself! Pretty pics!

    1. There it is! My secret is out. They may not be gorgeous, but they sure are delicious. I hope the boys liked them!